Hey guys/gals. I've been trying to learn the Live version of Led Zeppelins Trampled Underfoot for a long while and I'm totally stuck on this one part. The part I need help with is at 4:10 and persists for about 10 seconds. Its a rather intricate and fast passed solo, so I'm struggling a lot to pick out what notes are where and what not. Any help would be great, even just telling me what notes are played or telling me what scale he's using would help. I could then slowly piece it together myself. Video link below. Thanks for your time. Cheers.


Please feel free to constructively criticise me!!! Its not much I know


e |----------------------------------------------------|-
B |---------------14-(HB thingy 3 times)-12-|-
G |-12-12-12--14-(HB thingy 3 times)-12-|-
D |----------------------------------------------------|-
A |----------------------------------------------------|-
E |----------------------------------------------------|-


e |--------------------15------------------------------|-
B |----------------15-------15h17-- 15h17--15---|-
G |-----15h17---------------------------------------|-
D |-17-------------------------------------------------|-
A |-----------------------------------------------------|-
E |-----------------------------------------------------|-