I just got myself the Fender Tele Blacktop Baritone. Pretty sweet unit not going to lie. There is things I'm going to mod on it, but for now it is as is.
I'm wondering what kind of cabinet I should get to make this thing roar. I got the Vox NT50 Head and I really enjoy it, but the 2x12 cab with celestion speakers in it just can't handle the bass when I run it through my earthquaker fuzz. I've also turned the bass down for fear of wrecking my speakers. Reading on some other threads and buddy was running his baritone through the Peavey 5150 (don't know what kind of header he had though). Thats what I got my eyes on now. P.S I play in a d00m metal band, I need something with balls
Typical: Budget, location, current gear, etc etc.
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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Find one of those Mesa Thiele cabinets with the single EV-L. Or try a Carvin LS1503. Or build a closed-back ported 2x12 with a pair of Eminence Delta ProA speakers (I'll point you at the plans).
I use a marshall ed1 compressor, earthquaker tonereaper fuzz, Vox Nt50 head with the vox 2x12 cabinet. Looking for something under $500. I also live in canada. I did find a guy selling a peavey 4x12 5150 for $250. Just not sure if I want to settle.
Eminence I know are good speakers, How would they fair with a baritone?