Hey Guys,

Axe FX has replaced most of my rig. I have a 6505+ that I'm not "selling" but could be convinced perhaps..

Selling from NJ USA, and looking to trade any combination of things for a Mesa 4x12

Marshall 1960A- Sat in bedroom for less than 2 years. Never gigged. Brand new.

Peavey XXX Cab 4x12. This thing looks like death, but thats awesome right?

Gmajor 1- Missing a knob. Gigged hard. This thing rocks.

7 Space Roadrunner Rack- Gigged hard but no real damage.

Sonic Maximizer rackmount. Sat in my room for two years... Works great!

I've had some great gigs with this stuff. Opened for Rob Halford, King's X, Queensryche, and some other bands. No added value, just cool!

Would love cash, but also would group for a Matrix 800 or Mesa 4x12.

Thanks guys