Shadow of Everest (SoE)

We are a Canadian progressive rock/groove metal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Formed in 2014, the band’s line-up currently consists of guitarist/vocalist JV, bassist Shaun Cowell and drummer Matt Burton.

You can read our full bio on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shadoweverestband

We're on Twitter,you can follow us there:

We even released our first single this week. FREE TO DOWNLOAD! It rides the very formal line of your standard rock song but we think it's a catchy, fun tune nonetheless:

We are no strangers to the music scene. I would personally appreciate any of the support anyone can offer (whether it's a like on Facebook or downloading and giving away our songs). Over the next few months we'll be adding our own domain, a more complete social network and, of course, more music!
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Update: It's been a while.

We have fortified our lineup and had a little lineup change since we got started last year. We've also dropped another song (much heavier than our original single).

The Victim (single)

We're also looking to expand our Twitter fan base! Please feel free to jump on and give us a follow. We follow back bands and superfans like you.

Not such a long time between posts this time:

We're putting together a street team (both locally and abroad) to help get the word out about our music. This is on a volunteer basis for now but you will be rewarded with free merch, music, exclusive "street team only" items and whatever else I can afford to throw at you.

Contributions can be as big or as little as you can manage. We're open to suggestions on how to keep things efficient and creative.

Get in touch: shadowofeverest@gmail.com
Shadow of Everest are going on tour this spring!

We will be hitting 6 Canadian cities as part of Rosner Management Services "Rise Up Tour". We don't have all of the fine details worked out but it is confirmed that we will be on the circuit. Give us a like on Facebook to keep up on the details.

Anyone interested in local or distant contributions to our street team can still get in touch!

We are also launching our own website soon. It will contain a lot of what is already available in our social and media networks but in one centralized online location! www.shadowofeverest.ca
We're pleased to say that our long-awaited EP "Idle Hands" is out. Available on all major digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. Please feel free to have a listen and let us know what you think.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5tG6eLo1EJvxfGELkGeV1j
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/idle-hands/id1247472913
YouTubers rejoice: [url="(Invalid video video code)]

We've seen a significant growth in our plays on most of our platforms. I like to think it's UGers checking us out. Thanks everyone!
Posting our (tentative) schedule for the UGer's local to our area (I know there are some):

July 29th - On Air with CKDU 88.1 FM
August 4th - Live at Gus's Pub
August 18th/19th - Live at Riverfest
September 16th - Live at Oasis Pub
November 18th/19th - Live at Big Leagues