Just wanted to see what some of y'all's thoughts were on the Epiphone Hummingbird and Dove guitars. I am a HUGE fan of the beautiful designs of them both, but not so sure about the playing quality of either. I'm thinking of picking one of them up just to find out for myself. I really like the $300 price tag rather than $3,000+! Haha!
One is Maple, the other is mahogany. They'll sound quite different. Which one you should buy is the one that sounds best to you.

People complain about "sketchy QA" on Epiphone products. I just bought an EJ-200. It looks, works, and sounds just fine.

They're allegedly made by Sammick (That's a big OEM, in Indonesia).
Go with the EJ-200s, they're epic guitars and you can barely hear a difference when comparing it with the $3,000 Gibson version.
I have a hummingbird from 2000 or so, so there's no electronics, but it's been a really good guitar. It sounds better and better with age. $300-400, it's definitely agood deal.
leave me alone, please.
Somebody mentioned Epiphone so I have to put in my 2 cents (I'm a giver like that). I have a DR500MCE and a Taylor 114CE (?) and the Epi is the one I reach for every time. All solid wood, 2 pickups which can be blended, multiple output choices... I could go on, but for that same $300. Watch Craigslist like a hawk, one will turn up.

Good luck.