Hi all. I'm hoping to stumble across some knowledgeable Fates Warning/Jim Matheos fans, or simply anyone with a good ear.

I am trying to break down the guitar tone found in the haunting guitar melody at roughly 11:30 Fates Warning - Still Remains.

I am not so much interested in the guitar/amps Jim uses (unless you think it is relevant to how it is EQ'd) as I am in what effects are used. It is the "openness" of the tone I am looking for. To me there is alot of harmonic content and it almost sounds as though he is running through an extremely subtle phaser/wah effect.

Delay reverb chorus
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Quote by RJH11
Delay reverb chorus

That's interesting you say chorus, possibly very low wet signal?
Well, it seems to be a fairly bright tone with some mids. That helps a bit. It seems almost like he is on the verge of feedback and those overtones are coming through a bit? Definitely experiment with a chorus on a very subtle setting too.
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