Hey guys, this my band self-produced EP, hope you guys like it!


11th Dimension is a progressive metal / post-metal band from Lisbon, Portugal.
The band was officially launched in July 2013, however, the project had been brewing since early 2011 when the four members decided to quit a previous project and continue alone.
One of the most interesting aspects of the band is the mix of musical backgrounds and influences that each member brings to the songs. Traces of everything, from death and epic metal to rock and electronica, can be found in the compositions but the most predominant trace is, without a doubt, the modern wave of progressive and post-metal bands.
While the instrumental section goes from heavy and syncopated to etherial arpeggiated riffs, the female vocals, with clear lyrical influences, bring as much contrast as richness to the power of the songs, carrying a large portion of its sentiment.
The conceptual lyrical content of the songs invites the listener for a moment of introspection, an inner journey of the mind, in a search for something new.

We are in most popular websites and streaming services, but you can download the EP in our bandcamp page for FREE/Pay what you want!
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