I recently started getting into locks which sometimes require hybrid picking, which is a totally new concept to me. I always use a pick, and holding it in the way you use it is very awkward with my fingers. Any idea how I should teach myself how to use fingerpicking and/or hybrid picking technique?
With most normal "fingerpicking' methods, the thumb handles the bass strings and the index and middle fingers the upper strings. Jazz guys who play a lot of block chords often use the ring finger as well.
With hybrid picking, the pick takes over the role of the thumb, and the upper strings are handled by the middle and ring fingers.

I've never been happy with the technique; I use a hand position for fingerstyle that's pretty much the same as classical playing, and I find if I try hybrid picking the angle of attack changes just slightly and I don't get a solid sound from the fingers.
So... the flatpicked bass notes overpower the treble notes.

Likely just me... Lots of folks use hybrid picking very effectively.
I recently did a hybrid picking lesson series, I think the first vid would be the most useful to you, the others are a bunch of licks showing you some ideas to try. Hope this helps!