Hey everyone --

I'm interested in live looping (one man band style). After cycling through some looping pedals and losing a bit of money buying and reselling like a careless piece of trash (damn eBay), I've landed on a BOSS RC-30. And yeah guess what I still hate it. For my purposes. Aside from the fact it broke and stuff. Guitar shop attendants seem to have steered me wrong here, because they explicitly told me not to use a MIDI pedal...

So I'm looking into alternatives, and one that cropped up was Ableton Live (8 or 9) with a MIDI foot controller. I'm very comfortable with computers, so this looks great to me (CS minor whatup). The foot controller that was suggested was a FCB1010, which looks like a dream compared to a run of the mill looping pedal, especially the ones I've been using. So really this all boils down to two questions, in order:

Is a MIDI set up even preferable, or should I stick with the RC-30?

How would a MIDI set up like this work? I would like to know the cords involved, the order, etc. I imagine I would be going from Guitar/keyboards/mic -> FCB1010 -> Computer with Ableton -> Amp. But I have no idea. Any other equipment suggestions are also welcome, if you dig MIDI and have a favorite.

I've obtained some information about it from other sources, and I'm looking to *minimize* equipment, not only because I don't want to spend too much, but for portability. And I'm quite confused about how to go from my computer back to my amp; some say I need a reamp, others say no.

Thanks everyone!
Did I answer this already or it's just an impression?

Some interfaces are capable of sending out signals that guitar amps can properly receive, and some don't, so if you get one that doesn't you'll need a reamp box.

To minimize equipment, stick to the RC-30.
To minimize expenses, stick to the RC.30.
To build a fully functional, versatile, easily expandable setup, get an FCB1010 and an audio interface.
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