What is a good way to wire 2 humbuckers to each have their own volume and tone control with a 3 way switch?
Isn't that just a basic les paul setup? See above.
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Just wire each humbucker as if you only had one pickup in there- everything has its own hardware, and should only share the output jack, ground wires, and common terminal on the selector switch.

I can sketch out a little diagram if you like, but you could probably find one easily by googling something like "HH 2 volume 2 tone" or something. The second post has it covered though.
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Isn't that just a basic les paul setup? See above.

Yeah i think its standard for pretty much any pickups im not sure though.
I got a prewired set online, looks all wrong...so I would just need to move the wires around right?
But what about the capacitor, just solder it onto a wire so it reaches?
The way it is wired dosen't match the diagram edwarrdd linked to, or other ones I found online.
The 2nd set of controls is attached the same way to the switch, just didnt include them in the pic
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