Hi, I was just wondering how a Marshall JCM800 or JCM900 or JCM2000 would "react" (for lack of a better word) with a Mesa 4x12 cabinet equipped with V30 speakers. What would it do to that classic Marshall sound? What difference does it make as opposed to using it through a simple 1960A?

I've heard good things about the V30 speakers but I'm not sure how the mixing and matching works. Is the Mesa cab pretty universal for all heads? Will sounds be superior through these speakers? What makes these speakers so great?

Someone please clear up my confusion!

Thank You!
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Is the Mesa cab pretty universal for all heads? Will sounds be superior through these speakers?
That is entirely down to preference.
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What makes these speakers so great?
They sound like v30's but a bit better.
That's just my opinion though

v30's in a mesa cab would sound tighter and they will have more highs than the T75 you usually find in marshall cabs.

I prefer them for the vast majority of stuff.
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^ i can't remember what the mesa v30s are like but standard v30s have fewer highs than a g12t75. they have much more high mids, though, which can sort of give that impression. but yeah the g12t75 has that more vintage sort of "bite" on the real top end which is totally rolled off with the (standard, chinese) v30.

and yeah it's pretty much preference. I'm guessing it'll sound a bit more modern, chunky etc. with the mesa cab, but should still sound fairly marshally.
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In my experience mesa cabs always sounded a bit woofier and darker than Marshall cabs. My personal preference is 1960BV, that thing sings. I find normal 1960a or b way too bright.
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Well what amp do you have?

Mesa V30's are different than the typical V30's found in most cabs. They are also the only V30 still made in the UK.
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