Hey, do any of you guys and gals know some songs that could help.me learn to hammer on and pull off more effectively? nothing like van halen stuff just something for the beginner to.intermediate (in terms of legato skill) player so that they don't have to continually play a riff like 1h2h3p2p1 or something like that.

Riffs the are less linear so to speak, of you don't.have a song.but an exercise that's cool too and of course suggest a.few things thank you
Blues basically, any blues riff and solo has pull offs and hammer ons, but the most important thing is that real blues solos are so rhythm and feel centered that it really makes you get hammer ons and pull offs into your skin and ear. not just the mechanic of it but also how to use them and when.
Just practice the type of stuff you like, but Blues stuff I guess if you want to do the little trills in between a standard blues rhythm.
Iron Maiden - Trooper ( as mentioned above). Pretty much anything from Iron Maiden up until Seventh Son is pretty accessible as far as solos and riffs go.