Lately I've been playing out of a practice bass amp, and I'm looking to upgrade to a 'real' amp for gigs and such. I love Vox amps, and have seen people play out of them for anything I'd be looking to play.

I was wondering how it does with pedals, mainly things like fuzz and octave.

Also, I guess I'm looking for warnings or things you think I should know before making the purchase. I'm looking to do this right the first time
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I'd try one before getting it, just to be sure you really like it.

It generally takes pedals well AFAIK though.
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The AC15 and AC30 does great with pedals.
It can be picky with some overdrive pedals.
SD-1 based (As in Boss SD-1) works great IMO with them.
Forget about the Boss DS-1. IMO it sounds like crap, even modded.
Fox Tone Machine sounds wonderful.
Although I am speaking from experience with an AC30.

A Jordan Bosstone fuzz sounds awesome though one.
The Voodoo Labs Super Fuzz is based on the Bosstone.
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My AC15 sounds good with my big muff and whammy pedals. It takes pedals pretty well.
Try it before you buy it if you can to be sure.