You're fast dude, hehe.

Drums are very thin. More bass to the kick, it's usually good at around 80hz, but has some boxy sound at around 100-250hz, so be careful with this area. Snare needs a boost at around 250-400hz. If the kick gets too lost in the mix you can use a sidechain compression in the bass, receiving signal from the kick so they can kind of "talk" better with each other. You should also pan your hi-hat, harder if you panned it already, it sounds too centered for my taste.

The bass could be a little bit smoother, maybe remove some of the mids (at around 1khz) or the upper-mids (around 3khz)? Guitar sounds really nice, as so do the synths, though I think the synths could use a little bit more of the upper mids (from around 2khz to 4khz) and the lead guitar could use less of it in the solo part.

The song is wonderful composition-wise, man! I have nothing to complain about it, this song really got me, specially in the parts where the synth comes in.

Awesome work you two are doing!
May I challenge you to compose a full 4/4 song? hehe, just kidding
Thanks for thorough, objective critique!
This song was recorded few months ago. You gave some very nice advice on mixing drums. I'm fairly amateur when it comes to that. As we are using drum machine it requires some tweaking to get the sounds right. I'm sure that I'll sit down and look in to your points in detail when I have time
Also, really glad you liked the composition. Means a lot to us.
Oh, and yes, we are gonna do song in 4/4 for sure! I just find myself writing in 6/4 a lot for some reason. Like this song.
Great dude! It's a lot better.

The kick sounds a little bit too in your face in the parts with the clean guitar, you could try some automation to remove some of the click of it or to make it a little quieter. The guitars could use a little bit more of the upper mids in some parts (like in the riff at around 1:00).

It's only getting better and better, looking forward to your next work!
Reminds me of My Sleeping Karma, a very chill band that sounds a bit like this with a trippier vibe. This is a very good thing, and I LOVE the change to the louder riff, I only wish it were a little more complex. I could see this working extremely well as a live song with vocals and I feel liek the chorus is very Foo Fighters. Also the return to the riff mentioned earlier works really well this chorus (meaning I like it more in smaller doses). The return to the trippy section sounds good, but a bridge right after would've made the next chorus sound better. Overall I like this song a lot, the bassline is pretty tight. Trippy solo, its done really well and I love the vibrato you added, as well as the pseudo shredding line that you throw in. Well done sir.

C4C please?

After realizing this has some 6/4 in it I began to like it a lot more. Very subtle, but thats what makes this song different and catchy.
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Intro guitar reminds me of Candlebox. I like the guitar playing. Lead guitar reminds me of Alex Lifeson (a compliment). Drums & synths & bass sound good! Dig the bass solo, reminds me of Geddy Lee. Some good vocals would not hurt. Just get Geddy Lee . Nice song & recording! Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Hello there.

This sounds really good. The composition is nice and I like the use of the synth. The lead guitar sound for the solo is also sweet. The end mix ha turned out clean and crisp. Like those above I feel it just needs some vocals to fill it out and complete the track.

If you fancy checking out something completely different, heres my latest attempt


Thanks for the comments everyone. Owen 556, aaron aardvard and RabidBadger pointed that vocals might work well with this song. In fact, we are planning to record some vocals with my cousin when we get together. So, you are quite right; this is the instrumental version.
Also, thank you aaron for kind words. Rush is a huge influence. Actually, I was going for a serious Alex Lifeson vibe for the guitar solo