Alright in Rock Smith 2014 when I try to do tremolos, not only do I strain the hell out of my wrist, but most of the time the pick stick to the string and never strums :/ another issue is when I play on the 12 and area frets, is that the string that I am picking dives down so much that its very hard to find and pick....

Squire Strat Korean, stock.
It is setup to have a straight neck and as low as possible action, but that only plays out well if you don't strum too hard, its only maybe 1-2 mm higher then the setup guide.
I have put some 9 gauge strings on it.
and when the string sticks it sticks all the way to the other string, bumping into it.

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You're way too tense. Slow it right down.

You're probably doing too much, too soon. You don't strum when you tremolo pick, you pick. As in, you do one single action to make an individual note ring out. But you're just doing it very quickly.

If you're finding that very hard then go back and do something a bit easier, or just learn solos that have it in, slow them right down, make sure you play it cleanly and go from there.
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