So, im thinking of getting a banner for our bands live shows. But i have no idea what size it should be to look cool, but not be to big to actually set up. I was thinking of just a banner that would be hung behind the drumkit, at the back of the stage, but if anyone has any good alternative solutions, out with them. I want the stage to look as cool as possible We play some sort of metal if that has any bearing on the situation.
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My last band had two hanging banners that really stuck out....alot of people commented on that and we could basically hang them anywere....

and my new band, that´s a little tight on funds, made the "Classic-backdrop" until we can afford to get a real one...the downside is that it tends to get lost behind the drummer if the ceiling height is low
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Find out the standard sizes from your local print ship, get basic pricing, go from there. One thing is to make sure it is easy to hang in a multitude of ways, nothing looks worse than a droopy banner! Consider a stiffener (a piece of 1/2" x 1" wood, for example) along the top edge with eye hooks.
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My band just got one done up. This one's 7' wide and 3' in length. Paid $105.50, which is a lot cheaper than other places were asking. They asked $140 or even $180.

If you think that's too big I'd suggest a 5' wide 2' length one.

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