Hey Guys, I have a Schecter Damien Solo Elite See-trough black with EMG's that I have been trying to sell for a while (and apparently nobody wanted it) but it wasn't until recently that I decided to trade. Yesterday I got an offer, my Schecter for a Godin Freeway Classic. I have another guitar with EMG's that I sorta prefer so the Schecter doesn't get much love. I'm not sure if it is a fair trade . I have heard great things about Godin Guitars but I have never played one. Thoughts? Thanks!
Seems to be a pretty fair trade. Play it and decide for yourself. Nothing to lose, especially since you've been wanting to get rid of the guitar.
Seems like a fair trade. I'd take the godin over the schecter 10 times out of 10 though personally.
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+1 with everything said. also, depending on the market you're in, the godin might sell easier and for a higher price than a schecter, even if you pay the same for them new.
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Id prefer a Godin over a Schecter. I don't like their necks. Just try it out first and see if you like it.
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Thanks guys! I appreciate your input. Your thoughts were exactly my thoughts but I wanted a 2nd opinion.