Hey guys,
This is a track I recorded for a cinematic machinima I'm working on called MMV Hell (a complete rip off of ImSuck's HMV Hell)

I originally had a week to do it, but the video was delayed several times, but it's now nearing completion, so I thought I'd release the track now.

It was recorded entirely with a Schecter Omen Extreme 7 (coil tapped in the middle position), a Cort ABV (cheap 5 string JJ bass) which I used before I got my Stingray 5.
I used a Line 6 UX1 interface with PODfarm 2.5 (inb4 liyn6 suckz lel) and Mixcraft 6.1.
As anyone who's ever used it can tell, I'm also using EzDrummer.
Finally, I used a variety of plugins including the fantastic Supercharger compressor from NI.
Seriously. Get the trial if there is one and if not, buy it anyway


What do you think? I'm open to any constructive criticism.
I must say I really like your tones man! both the guitar tones and the bass. Sounds so crisp like it will attempt to punch you in the face any second. Mix sounds really good too in my ears, although I'm no expert. Very balanced. Compositional skills are on point too

good job!!
Wish I could give criticism but it's just pretty awesome. Lot of songs use the same progression but that doesn't really matter, especially given the use of the music. It's perfect for a credits reel or soundtrack in general.
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