Allright, I've scoured the net for weeks now, but haven't found the solution yet (I also posted in the Bugera thread, but that seems to be dead too, oh the irony)...

I opened my 2008 333xl to replace the mains fuseholder (the plastic casing had failed, spareparts were cheap), thinking it's not that big deal. It does indeed look like an easy fix, however...

As I opened the amp up the impendance selector fell apart too, apparently it had shaken off the other screws holding it to the backplate from years of cranked-amp-induced-vibrations.

Now I have the plastic switch, thin plastic mask plate, the metal chassis (clamping in to inside 8 pole thingie), the metal switchbase and four copper strips (2 straight and 2 angled) and no idea how to put them together. I found the schematics, but it's not much use for the actual construction part of the switch, nevermind that I'm not really that savvy with electronics other than simple replace and fix jobs.

Anyone capable helping me with some info or pictures how to put it back together?
Even info on hardwiring it, setting it to 8-ohms (the cab I am using) permanently would be of a help. I would love to continue using this bastard for few more years.