My friend just gave me an old carvin 4x10 bass cabinet with no speakers in it.

The model is a v410T, it has an impedance of 8 ohms, and a 400 watt power rating.

Would it be possible to load it with some guitar speakers rather than bass speakers and use it as an extension cabinet with my ac30?

Would i have to get a tech to do some magic with the wiring/electrical pathways?

Thanks alot guys.

Edit: all the original wiring is still in tact on the inside, for the record.
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Obviously, the cabinet without speakers has no power rating and no impedance.

It was designed to run the Carvin PS10 speakers and the PS1050 tweeter (in the center) and to cross over at 2.5-4Khz. The original Carvin speakers are $59 each and the crossover http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/CL1502 runs about $89. Add in the tweeter (Carvin can probably still provide it or something similar or give you a running start to a similar part at parts express, etc.). This gives you a full-range cabinet that will crank out clean bottom end IF you feed it enough power.

You can, of course, toss in some random 10" speakers (I'd suggestion 8 ohm speakers).

But the main issue is that with speakers, this becomes an 85 lb speaker cabinet, and it's bulky as well. This might make sense if you also augmented the power from your AC30 (doable) by a couple of hundred watts, and if you were doing music that required some clean bottom end. Otherwise, I'd suggest that you hunt around for a much lighter 4x10 open back cabinet.
Even if you have no electrical experience, if you are just wiring in 4 x 10" speakers it's pretty easy, I'm sure there are tutorials.

The simplest, probably best way to get a guitar cab would be to get 4 x 8 ohm speakers and wire them so that you have two pairs in series, and these in parallel. This makes the overall impedance 8 ohms, good for just about any amp.

As far as making it lighter and open-backed, that could be accomplished with a saw or two pretty easily. I always wanted to make a cab that has the back on a hinge, so you can either have it open or closed as you please.

Best of luck!