Can anyone vouch for this mic? Does anyone have any complaints on it, or have any info I should now before buying it?
First of all, you're better off asking such stuff in the recording forum.

Then, it's likely a bad idea.

USB mic's don't sound much good in general, and the only reason I would see why getting one is the convenience of not having to carry around an audio interface.
Also if it's USB class compliant you could use it with an iSomething.

Though if you want a multi pattern mic it's likely because you want a versatile mic, and if you know your stuff enough to look for a multi pattern mic if you want something versatile you're likely to be wanting something that sounds good.

If that's the case, you don't wanna get a cheap-ish USB mic.
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I use it for gaming. If I was going to record, even just acoustic guitars, I'd look into a proper XLR mic and interface.
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Start by reading the stickies in the Recordings forum. Then ask questions.
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