This is a rough draft and I don't have vocals on it yet because I need a better mic, but I just couldn't resist posting it. I'm excited about the possibilities.

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The more I'm listening to it, the more I realize it's SUPER rough still and needs a lot of work, but that's what this will be good for. I could use your feedback on mixing etc, as I am very new at this. This is also the first drum track I've ever programmed.
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It's pretty sloppy in some parts and the mix is pretty bass heavy. But since you're still working on it it's ok.

The composition is really good, but too repetitive even for a 2:31 long song, to the point it gets monotone. You may want to create one or two more riffs to use on it.

You have a nice old but not so old school style which I really enjoy.

You have something really nice in your hands, I'm eager to see the final product.
Thanks dude, I definitely appreciate the feed back. I posted in your thread some feedback on your song...

I thought about what you said and you're definitely right, it needed at least one more riff. In fact, I came up with one earlier today that I think REALLY sets it of nicely and makes a big difference. I'm going back to add drum parts for it, and maybe I'll even end up with another riff too. I definitely want to be all-in on this song and not half ass it in the name of impatience.

I already like the new riff so much I'm deleting the old version off soundcloud until I have the completed project. i'm pretty psyched about it. Thanks again for the input, I was wondering about that myself, but your input put the decision over the top for me...