Hello UG, I just released a demo of my first album. It ranges from ambient more mellow driven tracks to heavier, metal based ones. It's not great and the production is fairly poor due to the fact I had to do it all myself. Anyway, please listen to the entire thing if you can and let me know what you think. Thanks.

The album is called Eyes To The Sun

Some bands/keywords that might help describe the sound/my influences:

Progressive Rock
Progressive Metal
King Crimson
A Perfect Circle
Animals As Leaders
I could go on...
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Definitely pretty good. I didn't like the distorted guitar sound at first, but it grew on me.

Pretty well mixed too.
Thanks, yeah I didn't really have much to work with...I used a line 6 spider III for all the guitar tones...and the bass ones as well...the ignominy.
Have you ever tried using an Amp Sim? Those are usually better than practice amps like the Line 6 Spider series.
No I haven't, I assume they would be. Any you would recommend?
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No I haven't, I assume they would be. Any you would recommend?

LePou's amp sims. All day, every day.

They're free and sound better than a lot of paid amp sims. He also has free cab sims.

You can find them (and an explanation on amp/cab sims) here, in the recording forum:

You will also need an impulse response (this is basically an imitation preamp) to put in your cab. Those are also found (and explained) in the above thread.

You did a pretty good job of mixing your amp, btw. So...by no means is any of this a criticism. Just, if you wanna try new "amps", these are great free options.
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Lol it's all good, believe me I really want to get away from using that godawful spider. The info is much appreciated!