I am a fan of a bargain and finding a couple awesome 80s Yamaha guitars for under $300 that compared favorably to much more expensive guitars has turned me onto fact that some guitars are simply undervalued in the used guitar market. I would put mid 80s Yamaha SE's in this category, maybe best bang for buck for strat type guitar. I often read that Yamahas are great bang for buck, so this seems well recognized (though i'm not saying all yamahas are great or even most). Anyway the yamaha semihollows like sa series are pricey, no deal there. Anyone know of a semihollow line that does not get the love or respect it deserves in the used market?

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Don't know about used but you can get a new Epiphone ES-335 Pro for $400 and if you do some research you'll find nothing but rave reviews. That's the one I'm desperately wanting right now. So there. How much are you looking at?
I think the Epiphone dot is excellent value. I have owned one and upgraded to a gibson 335 but i have to say for the price paid for the epi dot you get alot of guitar.
In what way though? It's the same price as the 335 Pro and the 335 Pro has coil-splitting hardware. I played one the other day and it was lovely. I've never tried an AS73 though. I'm sure they're really nice...
You can't judge a guitar solely by it's spec sheet. I work in a store that sells both guitars. I've seen more people leave with the AS73 than a DOT when they could try them side by side. It just feels better.
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Right, that's why I was asking. I need to look at one next time I go to GC. For sure the AS93 was on my wish list for a while... he was asking about used I think though. Do you see more of the Dots or of the AS73s used?
DOTs, but that's less to do with quality and more to due with the fact that there are way more of them in general.
I've occasionally seen Reverend and Godin semihollows in the used market for under $600- that's stealing. Used Hagstrom semihollows in that price range are probably a great deal, too.

Oh yeah- I once also passed on BOTH of a pair of utterly pristine Gretsch Electromatics for $500 each. One orange, one black.
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Ibanez AS73. Same price as a DOT and way better.

+1. Ibanez makes the best hollow/semihollow guitars for the money under $700. At $700 you can start looking at the MIK stuff from other makers.
yeah those ibanez hollows are really nice in the price range
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