Currently I have a korg pitchblack tuner, wampler plexi drive, Boss DS-1, TC nova delay and ernieball VPjr.

now i have extra money (around 150ish) and looking for a new addition. what should i get next?

I'm using a Gibson Les Paul standard and a Vox AC4TV amp.
(i might be selling my DS-1 to get a proco rat)
What do you mean by "hillsong sound"?
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Quote by joshua_120795
i might be selling my DS-1 to get a proco rat

Do this!

Also a wah would be a good addition, or possibly a phaser
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Quote by Linkerman
What do you mean by "hillsong sound"?

Hillsong refers to a group of musicians making up the praise and worship ministry that appears on albums released by the Hillsong church in Australia and worldwide. I'm not sure what *specific* sound he'd referring to.
Could you give us a specific song that would be a good example of the sound you're after.
My band plays some of their songs sometimes, and I usually use some delay or reverb and light to medium distortion or overdrive.
Come to think of it, their one guitarist uses a nova and a vp jr.
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Get an OGRE Thunderclap Distortion Pedal! We love ours, and i think there is still a giveaway for one
Delay pedal of some sort.
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Just a thought, that'd be kinda cool if there was a pedal sorta like an acoustic simulator but a banjo simulator instead. I'd be all over a banjo simulator pedal! (At least for a couple days)
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Does anyone know what Marvin Pedals are like?.. they have sprung up on ebay and are supposed to be handmade... quite a wide range of tubescreamer copies, rats etc.
You guys kill me with the "hillsong sound". tap temo delay, light chorus, light reverb, analog overdrive. thread over.
I had a worship leader who used to say "we're not looking for the 80's type a sound" then proceed to play a patch just like the Edge from U2 FROM THE 80's because it was a hillsong tune.
These cats are young and they weren't born yet so I understand. But it's a strange thing watching a teen or twenty something act like you don't get it with their big piece of plywood with 12 tone sucking pedals bridged together making triplicate delay for you because none of them can do it in time on their own. lol. you'll grow out of it when you finally listen to other influences.