Anyone recognize these markings on the neck and pocket of a strat? I'm being told it's a parts caster with a Fullerton reissue body. The neck has a Fender strat decal on the headstock, but I've seen those on copies before. The "dred" stamp seems too blatant, and I'm not even sure it qualifies as Dakota Red. Here are the pics:

How much did you pay and how does it play? "Partscaster" is a pretty vague term imo.

Here's some genuine Fender Dakota Red for comparison.
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I haven't picked it up, just trying to gather some info. The picture quality isn't great, but I suppose it could be Dakota Red. I have a 1991 '57 reissue strat and the stamps are completely different. I can't seem to find these markings or stamps on any other strat, though I haven't looked very hard.
Can't tell you much by the pics you've posted. The color looks a little off based off of the comparison pics, but you can really tell by the innards (usually).

Try throwing up a pic of the wiring. I might be able to ID it (I'm by no means expert, but I can usually tell if it's a Fender or not (if it's not too ancient)).

The 'Dred' could very well be just someone writing on the guitar. I used to write my name under the neck too (or maybe that's totally not normal and that means something different). Not sure what the 'M' means.

Also, a pic of the headstock might help. Just because it says 'Fender' doesn't mean it is. I can tell you off the bat that Black lettering with gold outlining indicates a MiM and Gold lettering in a black outline indicates a MiA.

If you see a thin outline around it, it could be a water-slide decal. I've seen those going around craigslist now and again.
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I think the Dred may be someone putting the colour of the body, as in Dakota RED, dred for short.

I don't know if this is common with fenders, but wish to learn about them, as my next purchase is going to be a fender Jaguar.
Doesn't look too bad, actually. I don't know if it's actually worth $600 just because of the way things go with resale value (it IS a parts-castor, which drives down the price significantly, however all the parts seem to be parts of American strats).

The only thing that's still worrying me is the body, but I can't do much with those pics. I was also worried that the logo might be fake, but he's claiming it's a 57 reissue and the 57 reissue did use the decal type logo, so that checks out

I would see if the guy wouldn't mind you trying it out. It looks like he used a neck and body from a '57 reissue, but it's possible that you run into the problem that the neck and body don't like each other (it happens).

See if it plays/sounds good. If it does, $600 isn't a terrible deal for an American Strat. You might be able to knock him down a little on it (just because it isn't using all the original parts), but don't be too pushy. That guitar actually looks nice.
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I don't believe 57 reissues come in rosewood. I think that's a 62. Do those have the same decal?
He is claiming the body is a 57 reissue....if you notice he doesn't mention what or where the neck came from but is very fairly detailed with the rest. To me that is a red flag that the neck is either not fender or maybe from an import. Usually on the heel of the neck, where the "m" is written will be a date that the neck was made.
string trees are typical MIJ.

tuners replaced, that's obvious.

those years (mid-late 80s) there were a lot of mismatched MIJ guitars that resemble part this part that. i've had some.

DRED does likely mean dakota red.

probably a MIJ with some parts swapped around.

i could be 100% wrong, but my track record is pretty good.

the stamp on the back of the neck, where it fits in the pocket would tell us a lot.

it would tell us the model number, but typically it's stamped on the body in the pocket as well.

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