Hi all, a question about the loved (or dreaded) pinch harmonic.

With dunlop gator grips, I can hit pinch harmonics constantly, but have recently switched to jazz III's as I love the feel. The rest of my playing feels much smoother, apart from pinch harmonics. Which is strange, as most people say they are great for this reason.

I can still hit them, but not only around 8 times out of 10 instead of every time, and I find I have to hold my pick at a more 'slicing' angle, instead of flat.

Is this common, and just something I need to get used to, or is it my technique that needs brushing up.

Thanks in advance, probably got the most advice from this site than anywhere.
I still sometimes have issues with pinch harmonics; they require an obscene amount of precision to really do right. I wouldn't worry about it too much if you could do them reliably before, you probably just need to get used to the new pick; Jazz IIIs and those Gator Grips are very different sizes and also slightly differently shaped so just give it a bit more time. You obviously know the mechanics so you'll be fine
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