Hi! Over past few days i was thinking about buying a Warwick bass. But then i readed some forums about warwick basses and a lot of people complained about how uncomfortable they are for play.. Speciaily these new basses made in korea, i also know that in germany they have stop making them. But know i want an opinion from someone who played both Ibanez and Warwick.. Is there really such a difference in playing these to basses. And also if you could compare to music man..
What i like about Warwick is that they sound good in if you play with your fingers and they do a great job if you are slapping. I found this in many reviews, how people were really happy with the sound. I also have the problem that where i come from there is really hard to find Warwick to try and play a bit.. so i will have to depend to yours opinions..

thanks for all the informations.
i'm assuming you're talking about the rockbass line, in which case the corvette models i've found play like butter while the fortress and thumb are hard for me to get into.

ibanez basses tend to have very flat necks and play quite easily, but might feel awkward to hold if you have bigger hands (like me)

the more expensive music mans are excellent basses in sound and feel.

all this said there's no way for you to know how a bass feels in your hand without actually playing it because it's one of those things that is absolutely different for everybody.
A lot of Warwicks are still German made- you need to be specific with the models. As you mentioned Korea, that'll be the Pro Series, still using the same hardware, just in a Korean factory, Still very high qualiy basses.

In terms of the neck, the neck before 2009 was a deep U Shape, whilst those after that are shallower C shapes. I personally have no problem with either.
^Ben I'm disappointed; it took you 3 hours to respond to a Warwick thread...

Ben is correct though. As far as comparisons to MusicMan--it depends on the model. The Stingrays have a more Fender like neck-to my hands somewhere between the baseball bat feel of a Pbass and the more manageable Jazz neck. (For the record I find both and the 'Ray comfortable to play.)

At the end of the day, its really your personal preference that matters.