I've been saving up for a while and had my eyes on a Vox AC15c1 or one of those hardwired AC15.

I plan to use delay/reverb pedals to create an ambient/post rock kind of sound, so I assume I need a clean amp? I googled these amps earlier and a few people are saying the HW version of the ac15 doesn't take pedals well, especially delays. Which has put me off completely. Is it the same for the normal ac15c1's?

As you can probably tell my knowledge is limited!

I have previously owned a fender hot rod deluxe which I didn't particularly get on well with - I should add this will be used mainly for practice. Should I be looking elsewhere?
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Handwired, not hardwired!

They're more or less the same amp.
If one takes pedals well, the other will take pedals well.
Or not bad at least, definitely not that much differently though.

The AC15 is a nice choice for post rock if ya ask me, though you may wanna look into the AC30 for the more headroom for when you'll need to play really loud if you think you'll ever need to play really loud.
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That's my concern as I've read a few people say it doesn't take delay pedals well, which is what I'd be using.