I recently purchased a Jackson RRTMG, it's my first pricey guitar and comes with good stock hardware and components, but seeing as it'll probably be years before I get anything better, I am looking to make a couple of upgrades; I've decided on purchasing some locking tuners, most likely sperzel from research I've done. My question however is this: I've had a hard time finding answers on what to replace the nut with, it has a black plastic nut by default but I've read these are inferior and that different, higher grade nuts have different benefits depending on what style of music is played; you can probably guess that I'm gearing for metal just by it being a Jackson guitar, so what material nut would I benefit from the most? I'm also providing a link with a spec rundown if any of you have other upgrade ideas to help turn this beauty into an even better guitar. To be more specific, my style of playing is geared more towards melodic death metal/various similar styles, mostly rhythm, although I am starting to learn more lead-oriented techniques.

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I wouldn't bother buying locking tuners. Tuning issues are very rarely caused by the tuners themselves.

Replace the nut with a black TUSQ. They're better than anything else you can buy imo. I don't see much of a reason to use anything else unless you have a vintage guitar that you want to keep as original as possible.

But don't replace anything if it isn't broken. If the plastic nut works just fine, there is not much of a reason to replace it.
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I second the Black TUSQ recommendation. I use that nut, and also the Sperzel locking tuners, and I have zero tuning issues when I bend.
Thanks for the recommendations, I'll do some measurements to figure out which black TUSQ I'll need and order asap. As for the Hipshot tuners, I like the idea of the easy install etc. but the shipping to UK costs more than the product itself, coming in at a mighty $130, so it looks like I'll unfortunately be drilling extra holes. I'll ask my local guitar store if they can order them in on the cheap though. If the bridge can be replaced with something superior and anyone has recommendations, I'd also be interested in that.
For the bridge, check out the Graph Tech saddles (same company that makes the TUSQ). I also use these.