merry christmas gents, i'm putting some money in my MIM strat this year for our 5th anniversary. putting a new pickup in the bridge and i figured while i was at it with the wiring I'd look at some piezo bridges (something i've always wanted to try). Anyone care to share their experience/sound clips of these? I'm looking for a good approximation of an acoustic sound and heard that some piezos don't deliver that but rather a very clean sounding tone.
Would you be putting it on the metal bridge plate? That would probably sound very bright and almost tinny.

Yeah, they make a pretty clean sound but many luthiers I associate with say that unless the guitar is built with a piezo system stock, they usually don't sound great. The wood just doesn't vibrate the right way to make it work well. I've never played a guitar with an aftermarket piezo pickup so I have no firsthand experience with that. The ones I've played with them stock sound pretty good, but only through the right amp (usually an acoustic amp).
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I'd compare the Baggs against the Graph Tech Ghost system. Think you'll get a more believable acoustic tone out of their composite saddles than you would metal saddles.
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I had one (a Baggs) on a solidbody Ibanez Talman. It certainly had a different tone, (bright and jangly) but I didn't think it sounded anything like an acoustic; attack, sustain and decay were totally different. - They same kind of problems that acoustic emulators have. I like the piezo/magnetic combination on acoustics, but I've never had the urge to try it again on a solidbody.

If you do go ahead, I would advise getting a good preamp mixer designed to take a very high impedance input. I can't recall what I used for the Ibanez, I think it was the active mixer out of one of Gary Brown's "Resonance" guitars. Later I used a Baggs Mixpro that worked OK, but that was on an acoustic with piezo and magnetic.
I don't think you need a new bridge, just new saddles, unless they won't fit.

The saddles will carry the piezo elements which will pick up the sound, and there will be wires going from them that will be fed into a preamp circuit that you need to add to your guitar.

For sound, they sound pretty good. I strongly suggest getting the Graphtech Ghost system. It has no problem with the piezo quack problem that some pickups have, which is basically the pickups clipping.

I have a Variax which is a strictly piezo based system, and even the modeling bypassed (through non-conventional methods) the piezos were pretty good for an acoustic-esque sound.

Here is a great video explaining piezo pickups, especially past 10 seconds:

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