I'm in the market for a new delay pedal, and I've pretty much narrowed it down to these three (Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy, Strymon Brigadier, Way Huge Supa Puss). I have pretty specific requirements but I'm very much open to recommendations.
-Tap tempo
-Multiple subdivisions, specifically triplets (I play a lot of reggae dub)
-The ability to coax it into self-oscillation
-A relatively warm base (not bass) tone, or if not a good tone knob
-Less than $300 AUS

I've looked into the Empress Tape Delay which on paper, I really like...it just sounds a bit bright in all the demos I've heard, even with the low pass filter engaged.
Has anyone owned any of these pedals and care to share their opinion? The guitar shops where I live are crap in terms of pedals so I have no chance to try any of these out.
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oo. well i would say teh flashback X 4, but it may be too pricey and its digital so the self oscilation would have to be analong modelling. but it may be good. i personally find the flashback analog settings to be extremely natural.

i have a regular flashback. im a curious now if i play on the analog setting if it can self oscilate.
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Boss DD-20 might be an idea. It's all digital but has a decent analogue setting.
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