Anyone else having problems with Guitar Pro or other tabs being rejected?
I've submitted 5 in 2 days and only one has been accepted; the others rejected without explanation. They appear to have the same formatting and templates so that doesn't explain the rejection.

They are all being submitted under Misc Unsigned Band. I have a lot more tabs in progress both as my own compositions, public domain composers (ie dead and no copyright issues.These will appear under the composer's name) and my rock and metal variations and what are called Fantasias on those composers.

I also have a series of etudes which are guitar composition and harmony exercises with a band backing track that some may find useful.

So any advice people please!
The one tab that is up in the lists is my setting of a Middle English poem:


but my other stuff is better. And I assume atonal compositions arranged for a metal band will not fare better than my other ones
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I am not sure if you're trolling, but I'll answer this anyway.

The tab you put in a link to is full of incomplete bars and is just generally very poorly done. Take a look at the many 5 star tabs in the archive and you will get an idea of what it takes.

And you're not meant to submit exercises and own material.
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Thanks. Something has gone wrong in the upload by the sounds of it.
Maybe internet settings.
I still have the tabs on my computer and every bar has notes in it.
I don't know what has happened but I'm guessing it is an internet/computer configuration problem
Quote by HomerSGR
And you're not meant to submit exercises and own material.

No, you can do this. Submit as "Misc your songs" for own material and "Misc scales" for exercises/lessons (if applicable).

TS, read http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/contribution/help/tabGuide
You'll find the answers there.

Your already approved tab should also have been rejected - you should fix all red bars - put in rests or proper note durations. Tab moderators and voters will reject your tab if it's got red bars. Good luck
Thanks fanapathy.
I'll sort out the red bars. Staves are partially empty due to instruments coming in at different times. This is common in orchestral arrangements and appears in many such GP5 tabs.
Ok so sort out issues like red bars then I can send a lot more tabs through, both public domain and my own work. Have to send them via a different IP address, the one I usually use is now not enabling tab uploads!