$600.00 is very reasonable for a USA made Telecaster , especially from that era.
while there may be cheaper teles out there, that one looks in very nice condition.

stores would ask more than that for it. if it plays nice and you like it, grab it and don't look back.
Its looks to be in such good condition, $600 looks like a great deal. Love the blondes!
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I got myself a new telly for £300 just before the World Cup started. 50" and 1080p too.

*Grabs coat and runs away*
I paid $600 for my 2003 Olympic White USA Tele several years ago. It is now my #1 guitar. I went and played it, the guitar was in great shape, played and sounded great. Done! When you find a good one, get it. So many used guitars just get thrashed or modded into worthlessness. I appreciate when a good player takes care of his axe.
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