DOPE DOPE DOPE. Just all around dope. The mix is real solid and the organ really glued the whole track together. I do agree with one of the other users about maybe changing up some of the repetitiveness of it, cause it can feel like its dragging but other than that, i thought it had a great feel.

Its all perfect in the mix! Jsut the guitar is too loud sometimes!
Good job!
oH DAMN THIS IS SICK. *necessary*

Anyway, yeah I love the feel to this, sounds like it'd make for a great jazz band rendition. Could probably use more instruments over the guitar parts though, I wish this organ type instrument was used more frequently. I can see why others have called it repetitive though. Regardless it is still catchy. THe guitar tone leaves a little to be desired but it works better with the riff/arpegiated sections rather than the chords themselves. Reminds me of House of the Rising Sun alot with some Green Onions thrown in. The solo around 2:30 is trippy, and by that standard *requires* a trippier guitar tone! The fuzz tone after is nice enough though. Very unusual piece! Keep it up and I hope you fix your caps lock key!

C4C please?