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Yeah, title sucks but i couldn't think of any other way to phrase my question.


How well do you know your parent's history? Such as like childhood and teen years and stuff.

I don't really know shit about my mom, except that she grew up on a farm and went through some heavy poverty. I also know she was a manager at a retail store when she was younger and a few other things, but i don't know too much besides that. My dad is really the same way. I know about some of the jobs he had and what he learned in college, and how he met my mom, but that's it.

I dunno if it's weird or not not knowing a whole lot about your parents. I mean there are some things i don't want to know, but at the same time when i really start to think about it, i don't hardly know much about them except from the time i spent growing up.

What about you guys? And i guess it really doesn't have to be limited to just your parents. You can include your whole family if you want.
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I know literally nothing about my dad except where he was born, where he grew up, and that he was in a plane crash once. Recently, my mom told me some stories about her childhood and stuff that I never ever knew about. It made me think about how little I know about them.
My dad's family basically consists sheltered suburban people who think anyone who is not like them is scum (and I'm sure they hate me. They pretend to like my gay cousin but when he's not around all the shit comes out). They are also very in-your-face about their 'accomplishments', so I know everything about my dad's life that he considers to be good.

I know my family history (on this side) all the way back to the Civil War. My dad's family's version of history: slavery wasn't so bad and Saudi Arabia is awful, not because of any actual awful stuff but because they nationalised the oil industry and took our jerbs.

My mom's family consists of 'white trash' trailer park people from the South. I know all about that because sometimes I am dragged into the family drama, which I will not go into on the internet

Note: This post is not directed at my mom or dad, but my extended relatives.
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I don't know what they did on like a yearly basis, but I think I have a pretty good picture of what kind of people they were. Especially my dad, because he's often told me stories about when he was younger.

And with my mom, the lack of such stories pretty much adds to my image of a younger her.
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i'm fairly familiar with mother

my father, on the other hand, has left his childhood & teen years a mystery as well as his first marriage (which i didn't even know about until like 3 years ago). while the latter is most likely deliberate, i think he just doesn't feel compelled to talk about his childhood.
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I'm noticing that my family dynamic is characterized by how we don't share anything with each other. Not current or past events events, no thoughts, no nothing.

The sad part is that I don't think it's because they don't want to, but because the thought of sharing stories and actually being ourselves within our own family eludes us/them.

We are a functional family, but it's only surface level.
A lot of things that I know about my parents come from me overhearing them talk with each other about their childhoods (whenever that topic comes up). They think I don't understand Vietnamese very well for some reason so they think I know nothing.

Within the past 5 years or so, since I've graduated high school and started university my dad has been telling me more about himself that he's never talked about before. Both my parents went through pretty deep shit just to have the chance to get to Canada from Vietnam (first time my dad tried to leave he got caught and had to spend 5 years at a labour camp, after that he managed to escape to Thailand where he lived at a refugee camp for about 3 years before coming to Canada).
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I think I know them fairly well.

They both were one of eight children so neither really had much money or anything growing up. I know more about my mom's childhood and all of that since I talk to her more. My dad isn't secretive or anything, but those conversations never really come up. Now that I think about it, most of the stuff I know about him when he was younger comes from stories that his brothers tell.

A lot of stuff that annoys me sometimes makes sense because of what I know they've gone through in life. One such thing being that they're both pretty over protective, but it makes sense to me because of things I know that I don't feel like sharing. I know they always mean well and they just do it because they care so much.

As for my grandparents. I know a lot about my grandmother and grandfather on my mom's side. I never met my grandfather but I here stories all the time. My grandmother lived next door to my family my entire life so I knew her well (I think) and talked to her almost every day. I didn't know my grandparents on my dad's side too well. His mom died young and I don't think they like to bring it up too much. I rarely hear anything about her. As for my grandfather he died years ago but I never knew him too well either. Only saw him once or twice a year.

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I know lots about my mom. When she comes back from work she tells me stories about her life to relax if I'm around. Her dad worked in a bank and got transferred to a new city every six months which is how she learned to get to know people really fast. She didn't do very well at school because of moving around so much and having to learn new subjects in a different local language every time, but she was the first person to go to uni in her family. Her block was the only one standing after a bombing during the war between India and Pakistan. A lot of her uncles are movie directors/producers and they wanted her to become an actress but my grandma wouldn't let her.

I know a little less about my dad's childhood. He lived in the same city his whole life (my grandparents still live in that house) and mostly tells me about his cats. Both his family and my mom's were pretty poor, then they got married and moved to the US and got even poorer and stayed that way until I was 8 (which I know about because I was alive) when we moved here.

I don't know as much about my grandparents because I only see them once a year if at all. Luckily my mom tells me a lot about her parents, but my dad isn't really around a lot so even if he was inclined to talk more he wouldn't say much about his parents' life. His father was writing a book about his life in Iran but he stopped a few months ago because of health problems so I really want to visit and ask as much as I can. The only other thing I know about him is that his dad had two wives at the same time.
I know a lot about my mom, because she's cool and we are pretty similar people.

My dad hates me/thinks I'm a failure, so I don't know a whole lot about him other than his own dad died from alcoholism and he likes to make up problems in his life where there are none, and then ignore real problems, like one of his sons being homeless (my older half-brother)
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