I was wandering whether I should buy myself a booster or an overdrive pedal.
I already have a Big muff pedal but to play stuff like ACDC/classic rock I'm looking for a less sharp pedal.

I mainly play on a small 15 Watt amp in my room. I heard boosters produce a more natural sound than overdrive pedals on a tube amp. Because I only play on small amps I thought an overdrive pedal would be better because booster will only make the sound louder but it won't go into overdrive?

If you want to play fairly quietly, then I think that clean plus overdrive pedal would be the way to go - it is what I do because I only play at acoustic guitar volumes. Thereis a lot of choice in ODs, in a wide range of prices, I happen to like the Boss SD-1, The Digitech Bad Monkey and the Sansamp British in their Character series. That last one has a big range of tones and the knobs also have a wide range, so finding the sweet spot takes patience.
+1 for the sd1 for ACDC type crunch.
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what type of amp? if you have a solid state, non tube amp, a booster is useless for you. it will just add volume.
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yeah at lower volumes a clean boost will only increase the volume. so that's not what you want.

An sd1 is a good call since it can be used either as a standalone od or as a (pseudo) clean boost.
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