Hi all,

Quick and simple, I started playing 10 years ago, but stopped playing for 6-7 years. So I've pretty much forgotten everything and really rusty. Recently got a Squier CV50 Tele and want to get back into playing agin.

I never learned the proper way (only playing easy songs and tabs), I know a few scales but most have been erased from my head. I really want to start moving into the jazz and blues direction. I'm also a lot more patient than I was 10 years ago so I'm willing to learn the right way.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.
Better places to ask might be guitar technique, and since you want to learn blues and jazz, blues and jazz.

Best of luck

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Honestly, find a teacher. If nothing else, a few lessons will really help you shake off the rust, keep you from developing bad habits, and you can pick his brain for sources.
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