a blank stare
you know theres something
it just ain't there
falling through time
buying through life
seeing diagonal stripes
blue water pipes

keeping it down
sporadic dwindling down
it ain't the same
when i looked up
the comics came
with no one to blame a gain

you see it just doesn't fit
you see its not working again quit
running in circles
from the ones were clowns
i look up, then look back down
now its realized
its all within this sound and not around

the distance
correspondent and transponent
no one gets it
thoughts despondent
you know its not got it
caught and dropped it
not even the beginning
he's not sought it.
I like it, but there are some mistakes : "a gain" - I think it's supposed to be "again", right?
Also "you see its not working again quit" after "again" there shoud be a comma
This songs of yours is also sounds good friend. And yes, I also have the same opinion about the correction which os posted by the previous user Mrrula. I would sound good to read with a rhythm.
Yeah it's somewhat nice and good to hear and read need some more hard work to bring its best.