who are the ones
who are they?
but why?
you see this?
you see it all happening?
can you not?

is it not real?
is this not what to think?
i used ketchup and now i blink.
but only from this,
I'm in disbelief....and i can't even think.

is it too early?
is it too late?
who believes in miracles?
and disbelief bare icing with no cake
........filled with leaves and a 3 sided rake.

so whats going on and on?
can this even begin to be me?
and through in-vision
fragile unbroken belief
speaking please believe.
please keep.
i just don't get.....
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I think it is nicely written for the usually used word "why".
It can be written for different concept. But you used it in really a different way. Good one