Hi all,

Quick and simple, I started playing 10 years ago, but stopped playing for 6-7 years. So I've pretty much forgotten everything and really rusty. Recently got a Squier CV50 Tele and want to get back into playing agin.

I never learned the proper way (only playing easy songs and tabs), I know a few scales but most have been erased from my head. I really want to start moving into the jazz and blues direction. I'm also a lot more patient than I was 10 years ago so I'm willing to learn the right way.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.
I quit for almost 15, even though you probably won't remember most of the songs or licks you knew at one time, you'll find re-learning a lot faster than when you first learned. I was able to get pretty ok again after about 2-3 months, and even in 1 day I could play some stuff.

Just keep practicing, some of it will come back most likely.
I stopped playing for about a year and I was almost convinced I forgot everything. However recently, after a few days of playing, I noticed my handling of the guitar was getting better, but that was because I kept playing day after day for about a week.

I think that the more often you play (as opposed to the more you play) will train your brain to remember those past neural connections as you get more and more comfortable with the instrument again. I read often that just five (5!) minutes of focused practice a day, as opposed to hours and hours of goofing off, helps you in the long run— that ain't no bull! Especially when one apparently enjoys the practice... and the extra time is just icing on the cake.

And who cares if you have to learn everything all over again? Sure, it's frustrating, but the time away from the instrument allows you to see things you didn't notice before, and you can grow the wiser from that. Music is a journey, not just learning all your crap for good~

And hi everyone, my first post after... 6 years!
I quit for 6 years.I started again this year and i've learned more in the last 6 or 7 months than i ever knew.When i started playing again i still remembered alot of stuff,I knew my major/minor/blues scales after 20 minutes of playing and a load of chords.I've learning jazz concepts since i picked up again and have learned so much recently.Start learning again and stuff will come back to you.