Looking at the new Ibanez tsa5tvr. Not close enough to a brick & mortar to try one out. Hoping someone has had the chance to give one a go. Looks like exactly what I've been searching for to replace my old Fender Champ 600. Does seem a little expensive though. Although it does check all the boxes, ie. upgraded speaker, line out, headphone jack, overdrive circuit. Also been considering the Vox ac4c1, VHT special 6, Peavey Royal 8 & Epiphone valve junior. Any thoughts ?
Ac4 is a awesome amp I've had two that I ran stereo to
get low volume U2 action going before I started playing
mainly hard rock/metal. U2 all day with EHX DMM. But
capable of lots of tones.
Mesa Boogie Single Rectoverb 50 series 2 combo
Randall RM100
Peavey 5150 4x12
Peavey XXX 2x12 combo
i personally don't like the tsa; sounds quite sterile and gimmicky with 'tube screamer circuitry'. i quite like the vox, vht and epi, although they've all got different things going for them. can't speak for the peavey though. out of those, i think the epi will be the closest to a 600 just going by memory. why do want to replace it anyway? those are nifty little amps.
Had to pawn the Champ 600 unfortunately. This was after a tube & speaker upgrade, ouch! Now I'm back in the game and looking to get the most bang for my buck.
i haven't tried the vox

i'd say out of those others the vht probably sounds best out of the box and is the most versatile, however the QC can be spotty, and it can sound a bit dark stock (though the VJ is even worse in that respect, and maybe the VK too).
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