I have read about this hum or noise all over the internet. People complaining that when these 2 devices are near to each other, the wah will cause a hum noise.

You are forced to mount the voodoo labs at the center of the pedaltrain board, this is inconvenient, because now you cannot put the wah wah on the pedalboard or anywhere near the power supply, or it will produce the hum

Some, guy drilled a huge hole on the pedal board, so he could mount the power supply more to the left or right, that way you can still mount the wah wah to the opposite side of the pedalboard. No idea how he did it, but it sucks that we have to do all this, drilling holes and all that, just to mount a power supply, the board should already come with the holes

edit : I just noticed the new version of pedaltrain now comes with 2 holes already made, thank god, this is good, i guess they heard the request from all the users

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