Just a little song a whipped up in Garageband (for my iPad!). Don't worry, there's still some guitar in it. A little more laid back then what I usually do but I would really appreciate some feedback. I will gladly C4C anyone's work as I love reviewing songs! Link:

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Very chill, slightly trippy sounding. I'm trying to make my mind whether I like the "random" sounds at the beginning or not; on the other hand they suit the song. It reminds me of Rayman 3 soundtrack which brings me back memories.
The "chorus" part is probably the highlight for me. I like string sounds a lot. The guitar strumming part sounds somewhat out of tune and I wonder if it's on purpose, because it fits the song. I also like the gypsy sounding guitar solo.
The ending is slightly stiff, but that's the only bit of critique I would give. I really like this sort of chill music.
I really like it! well, i love it! xd
I have nothing to say in the production. Just some soudns at the beggining do sound a tad random!
Really Cool song! I really mean it!
Hell yeah man! This is rad! It sounds like it belongs in some indie video game. The guitar blends really well with all the synthy stuff. And that keyboard solo was right on! I listened to some of your other tracks and you've definitely got some unique stuff. I dig it.
Hey, thanks for the crit. I appreciate the kind words.

I gotta say, I'm not really too knowledgeable about trip hop, but if this song is any indication of how the genre is as a whole, I'm definitely a fan.

The synth at the beginning immediately grabbed my attention; I'm a fan of dissonance, haha. When the guitar came in I was totally sold. The leads are awesome and I really dig your intelligent note selection. Especially that run at 1:48... super cool. Keep it up!
This reminds me of the .xm music formats that I haven't played with in probably 10+ years. Definitely a little bit of video game flare to it. I dig the harmonic minor -- the 7th at the end of the phrase fits well (0:51, 1:01). The guitar bend at 1:39 fits perfectly and has a bit of an eerie sound to it.

Not really a fan of the ending. There doesn't seem to be any resolution -- you kind of expect it to keep going.
Very nice, loving the experimental sound. I'm a fan of the hi hat noise you've used, and I like the glissando synth part that pops up. The bit at about 0:40 is really cool, reminds me of a retro video game, mixed with Gary Jules' Mad World. Good idea to bring the acoustic guitar sound in, sounds really kind of weathered, like a vintage guitar sound. The lead part could do with being mixed a bit lower.

Overall I really like it, it's a solid track. Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1655090
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I've never listened to trip hop before, but if it sounds like this I will now. I really liked the song as a whole, the first 40 secs or so are my favourite part. The noises that kick in at :25 (distorted moans or something?) give the beginning an amazing atmosphere. It's weird since I'm a guitarist, but I might have liked the song more without guitars. But just might have, I liked it as it is too so who knows. So, I liked the trippier beginning more than the rest of the song, but it was still pretty great as a whole. I should listen to more trip hop.
Hey man, this is a very interesting piece of music! I can easily imagine some sort ot Lana Del Rey-esque vocals over it. Love the strange choices ot melodies you've chosen in the first part. Very disharmonic in nice way... hard to describe it. 00:41 - 00:47 actually made me think of Pink Floyd's Breathe The interplay between the guitar and the electric piano was great and - unfortunately - too short The only thing I didn't like at all was the drums sound. I've never liked drum samples and drum machines though, so it is not a critic against your track. It's very very good!