Hello there people,

I'm Shanu, I've been playing guitar for 6-7 years. And I have a Synster Gates Custom guitar, a Boss ME-25 Processor and had a Line 6 spider iii 15W amp.

So I had to leave my amp back home because I just flew to college in the US. I basically need something similar to the Line 6 Spider iii 15W amp because all my processor's tones are made off that. Is there any other amp that would have a similar clean tone like the Line 6 spider?

I don't wanna end up with a crummy clean tone like a marshall. (no offense to marshall amp owners)

I just want something to get the sound out of my processor perfectly, without compromising my processor's potential. Perhaps even complimenting it. For example if I get like a vintage amp it's gonna keep giving me the vintage-ey sound even if I'm doing something more modern on my processor. (And yes, my processor has a pre-amp in it).

So basically I just need something to get the sound out of my processor right.

Thanks in advance. ^_^
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Spider's are regarded as bad sounding amps, so you sure you don't wanna look into something different?

Also they don't have one clean sound only, so an example like a sound in a song or of a band or similar that you would wanna achieve would greatly help us helping you.
And the genres of music you play.

Then, after that, what's your budget?
Name's Luca.

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No offense to you, but you have a really bad amp.
I'd take ANY Marshall (with the exception of the MG) over the Spider, all the time.

Just get a Peavey Vypyr, Fender Mustang, Roland Cube or Vox Valvetronix.
Either of those is much better than your Spider.

If you don't need an amp, get a Line 6 POD and headphones.
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@spambot 2: I usually make tons of various tones from my processor and just played them through my spider. It worked pretty okay for me. And yes I do wanna look into something different. But, it should serve my purpose. I don't wanna change 50 tones to match the new amp and still not quite sound like they originally did. Does that make any sense to you? I don't how to quite explain it.

My budget's around a $100 bucks, it can go upto $150. But I need a smaller amp. Around 15-30 watts.

And I play rock and metal and I do treasure some of my more trippy tones too. But that's all processor based. I just need something to get that sound out loud and beautifully, and not cram up my tones.

Thanks again.
just get some nice headphones and use your me.
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