This is just such a cool song, the way its put together.

I love the way the bass hits hard on the downbeat on the start of the chorus but then goes its own way etc. Seems a nice tone also

The guy who played it, Jeffrey Hammond, it says on wiki that he didnt even really play an instrument when he joined the band. He was friends with Ian. It says his lack of skill slowed down practices and led to some tension etc.

So, is he known as a strong player or is this just a case of a strong composition and a nice mix where one can hear the bass?

are there other Tull songs particularly noted for the bass?

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Jethro Tull is pretty much sui generis in rock music - there just is not any other band quite like them. Their mixture of archaic English and Celtic influences with modern rock definitely sets them apart from the pack. As a result, it is very difficult to characterize their approach to any of their instruments - with the exception of Ian Anderson's flute, of course.

Hammond was not the only member of Jethro Tull that did not play his instrument well when he joined the band. Ian Anderson had no training as a flutist before coming across a flute in the formative days of the group. He basically learned as he went along.

Jeff Hammond is not one of rock's more iconic bassists, but his work with Jethro Tull on the albums that defined the band and suggested new possibilities for what later became known as "Progressive Rock" made a significant mark in rock and roll music, and for that, he should be better known and better appreciated.

Hammond's bass rarely cuts through the mix - something that any professional recording bassist who lived through the 1970s was painfully familiar with. Producers and recording engineers routinely buried the bass in the mix back then (some still do it today), so you really have to listen specifically for the bass, unless you can find a good live version of a particular song. The bass usually cuts through very well on live recordings.

If you like Jethro Tull and in particular the bass, take a listen to such songs as Hymn 43 and Broadsword:


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Thanks, Ill check em out.

The bass on Bungle is just so round etc and pops out of the mix at certain points...classic