I am a newbie, so this will be a newbie type question.... That being said, no need to make fun of the question I am about to ask.

I own a Laguna LE50 particularly cause I am short, I would like to know if I could add a tremolo or would there be no purpose to? I am looking to upgrade it's current stock parts and was wondering if I should before I start buying stuff.

Thank you in advance,
Nobody will make fun of a serious question unless they're a total jerk. That being said, upgrading would probably not do your axe much good. A decent tremolo costs twice what you pay for a new LE50 (a quick Google search shows them for less than 100 bucks) and if you don't know how to rout the cavities you'll be spending half that price on a professional doing it for you.
I think you're better off saving for a new guitar that comes with a tremolo and better pups than upgrading your LE50.