Hey guys! I need your help - recently my dream come true and i got my electric guitar - Epiphone Les Paul Standard. And now being an acoustic guitar player for all my life, im facing some difficulties - alright long story short - when im playing solos or lets say just an arpeggios - i keep holding the string with my left hand's fingers letting the string to ring for a while,so when the next string get hit - there is a strange dirty noise coming out cause of these two adjacent strings ringing. I tried different solutions,for example, to release the string immediately after the note being played, and it works but it feels so uncomfortable and contradicts the things i learnt with classic guitar. May be i should mute the previous string in some fashion? but i cant imagine how it may be possible with my right hand... Well i hope you will give me an advice!
Classical guitar is a very different discipline from electric guitar; it demands a different attitude to what you're doing. You've kind of stumbled on it already with the muting.

Basically the biggest obstacle with playing electric guitar (hereafter simply "guitar") well is making sure that only the things you want to sound are doing so. That's a combination of careful fretting and muting everything you don't want to sound.

Watch this:


But also be aware that you need to only fret notes for exactly as long as you want them to sound.
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