I'm completely a newbie in forum and guitar learning. Surfing for used guitars, I found one FEnder CD-605 Black guitar for price of 75 USD. Can someone please let me know their views on this deal, is it worth it?

Hi there

From what I can see, a new one will set you back about 180 USD, or something along those lines. So an asking price of 75 USD is possible, though I'd advise you to check if everything still works (no signs of damage or whatever). I can't really comment on the quality, since I have no idea what the guitar is like, but I imagine as a starter guitar it will do just fine.

Also, the guys in the Acoustic forum or even Guitar Gear & Accessories (I admit that I have no idea what is discussed in any of these forums) might be of better help to you. Perhaps a moderator who sees this thread can move it to the appropriate sub-forum.


Yes, definitely the Acoustic & Classical Guitar forum. Guess I learned something new today.
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you shouldn't offer him less than $300, the more you pay the better the guitar
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