Hi all as the title states I am currently looking for a good practice amp. I play a lot of metal such as Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold and Tool.

I have looked around and I realized that I think a modeling amp would be the best fit for me right now. I want to buy an all in one amp. An amp that has all the effects in one package. After doing some homework I came across the Line Six Spider Four. It seems like a good amp and it has many models so price point is not an issue.

Are there any other amps that I should consider?

Thank you all!
If the price point is not an issue, then I'd suggest an Axe FX.
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If the price point is not an issue, then I'd suggest an Axe FX.

I would like to keep it under 400 if possible.
No Spiders. A Pod and any powered speaker will deliver the goods.
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Either the POD or get a peavey viper. Much better modeler. I had a Spider 4 for a while, it may sound good when you first get it, but you will slowly start to not like the sound (if that makes sense).
The Vipers are in relatively the same price range and do everything a little better.
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